Album Release Bash

Abilene Bar and Lounge, Rochester

Doors 4pm, Music 7:30pm

Dan Forsyth (of Driftwood)

CD Release Bash!!!!

It was April, 2020 and Driftwood's tour had just been put on hold. Initially, even though times were bleak, I was happy to take a much needed break from the road and settle in with my family. But after a bit, I needed to make some music. I started recording some new songs on my computer in my spare time. One night, while staring at the computer screen I felt a serious disconnect with the music. I also had been having a serious urge to unplug from the world in general. The next day I decided to dust off my old 4 track tape cassette machine and see what it felt like to work with no screen and that crispy, analogue sound.

Initially, I was completely enthralled with the sound and the experience. After a few tries tracking a new song, I realized how tough it was going to be to get it to not sound really noisy and capture the dynamics of the songs. As the year went on I tracked in the late night hours, trying to write all the while and do my best to capture inspired performances on the cassette machine. After having tour pick back up again, I put the project down for a bit and kind of forgot about it. Then one night I pulled up one the recordings and was really excited about the sound. It put me right back in the studio. I wrote another batch of songs and after some troubleshooting on the tape machine, completed the album in April, 2022, just about two years after starting it.

No stranger to writing original songs for the stage, Dan is a founder and one of the main singer/songwriters for the folk band, Driftwood. The band has toured nationally for the last decade and has crafted a style that is based on folk-tinged tunes.

Tickets: $12 advance, $16 day of show and on sale now at

$12 advance, $16 day of show